Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Beginnings

So my last blog post entitled The One Blog Post of June was probably the worst decision I have made all June. Hence, the blog post you are reading. (Thank you for reading.)

Today was my first day of work. I mentioned it in my last blog post that I turned in my 2 weeks and last Tuesday was my last day with the company. No more sellin cell phones. Now a few of you have asked me what I do now and rather than explain it over Twitter or Facebook or Text I figured it would be easiest to blog it up.

Basically, I am self-employed along with my Dad. Along with my dad I am selling Life Insurance and Annuities to teachers. In layman's terms: retirement. They are called 401(k)'s in the business sector and 403(b)'s in school. So the day today consisted of waking up, getting ready, and walking 50 feet to work. Talk about saving gas! Then we went and drove to schools trying to get leads and we were rather successful. Well, my dad was rather successful. I still have a lot to learn. It's sales and 100% commission.

Some other interesting things that happened today include (but are not limited to):

-Shooting out the window on my sisters car with a BB gun.

-Having In-N-Out for lunch after having it for dinner yesterday.

-Hanging out with Mark Hensley at my house.

-Beating Metal Gear Solid 3

-Going with my dad to buy a new puppy!

YEAH a new puppy!! It's sitting on my lap right now as I am typing this. She is the cutest thing. She is so active and rambunctious and she is about 3 months old. We are still debating on a name and I am pulling for Hazel.

Pictures for you to goggle at!

Today was a good day. :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The One Blog Post of June

After meeting with my staff, we have decided that it is best to only have one blog post for the entire month of June. Research has shown the average mouse clicks double in June, so we here at "I'll think of something witty eventually" are going Green and helping cut down on unnecessary mouse clicks by posting everything that is of importance in this one blog post. Check back for updates later!


The most significant event of this month would be the one that kicked every other event off. My birth! This month I turned a whopping 23 years old and have pre-ordered my walking cane just as a precaution. I had a small 'surprise' party that weekend where a bunch of my good friends came over to celebrate by having fun, eating cupcakes and trying to decide what movie we should watch. But all in all, it was a blast and I'm everyone that made it out came.


As I looked at the date today I was almost certain we were half-way through the month. I'm very surprised to find out today is only the 9th. In any event, I am really really excited for some of the thing the Lord is putting on my plate. I am feeling very stretched in my walk with the Lord and it feels very good (even though it hurts sometimes). I really, really want to just blurt out what I'm excited about but I need to keep it under wraps. However, I will say that it is something that we have needed to do for the last 4 months or so at Activate.


So this is probably worth blogging about. I turned in my two weeks at work. Pretty random, huh?


So its pretty dumb I decided to do this when I actually have some pretty cool things to blog about. But anyways... yesterday was my mom's birthday. Our family surprised her by taking her all the way out to Knott's Berry Farm! It was fun because we haven't hung out as a family for a looooong time, not even for dinner. So that was a good time, plus we haven't been to Knott's since I was a teenager.