Saturday, August 30, 2014

How a Young Kid May Have Inspired the "Star Wars Lego" Franchise

This is not me. Not at all.
It was back in the 90's. I was a young kid who enjoyed the simpler things the 90's had to offer. I loved computer games, playing outside, riding my bike or rollerblading, building Legos, watching tv and movies and all things Star Wars.

Everything seemed simpler back then. Star Wars was only 1 trilogy, Nickelodeon was still airing amazing shows and Lego sets consisted of Pirates, Underwater Divers (Aquasharks are the best!), Cowboys and other generic sets. I loved my Lego sets, I would sit in my room and build and build and build. I eventually started to make cheesy stop animation movies and was even subscribed to the Official Lego Magazine which I looked forward to often.

One day I got this bright idea out of nowhere. I loved watching Star Wars. I had Star Wars books about characters, vehicles, encyclopedias filled with Star Wars knowledge. I loved Legos and I loved building with them and playing with them and making awesome things with them. Wait a minute - What if they made Star Wars Legos?