Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Class Blog

So the likes of Allison, Michelle and others have posted blogs and taken pictures during class time, I will to!

Actually, I don't have a camera so I won't be taking a picture of anything or anyone. I am in my Digital Multimedia class with Josh Poetoehena on my right and Corey Todd on my left. Josh is actually working for once. Corey is reading blogs and on facebook. I am a mixture of working on class projects, facebook, blogging and working on Activate videos.

I just got done drinking lemonade and cinnamon pop tarts outside, so I feel pretty healthy right now. I pretty much just figured I'd populate the march section of my blogger and let all my faithful readers know that I haven't forgotten about their generous love and support for all that happens on these keyboards and ultimately in my life.

Stay Tuned for more blogs!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Update

Okay, not so many blog posts right now. That's because I'm busy busy busy. Here's what I have on my plate.

School 2 days a week: Tues/Thur
Church 3 days a week: Sun/Wed Night/Fri Night
Work(Sam's) 4 days a week: Mon/Wed Morn/Fri Morn/Sat

And on top of all of the above I am working with my dad at his work part time, so whenever he gets an appointment with a client, I'll go with him. Then of course I have to find time to study for school and my philosophy class specifically. Then I need to find time to read/study for the Prayer & Share class that we have. And I am also working with Tyler Bianco on a lot of the media things(video editing, camera, etc) for the Activate High School ministry stuff at church.

No wonder I dropped my Greek class. Hopefully I can steal a couple of prayers from you guys for me, that would rock :)