Sunday, December 04, 2005

Designed with Design in Mind?

I was thinking of some stuff at work. I get a lot of time to think since I work outside. This is an analogy to humans.

Obviously Humans, give birth to Humans. But that can only have happend so many times. So what created the first Humans? Was it God who created us basicly as-is. Or is our existence based on random mutations and chance? And at what point during our "natural conception" did we be able to reproduce?

Basicly the analogy is this: Imagine you see a robot factory. Each robot is designed to build another robot of exact or similar specification to that which did the builidng. That's pretty much all it knows - instincts. So you have this factory where these robots keep creating other robots and furthering their population. How did that first robot come about? Who built it?

Did it get created by random hammering and soldering? Random programming and molding? How are we "instinctively" programmed to reproduce and are said to have been that way randomly and robots not? Besides our material, whats the difference?

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