Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Plate is Full

So I have a lot on my plate right now. There are a lot of things happening throughout my week and some things that are upcoming that I need to make some decisions and changes that will impact my future. Things like work, finances, school, swat new york and my immediate/long-term future.

Work has gotten to a place where it has become somewhat of a burden. It's not my co-workers, but the job itself. I work in sales so my paycheck is directly related to how well I can perform. These past weeks have been bad for whatever reason and my paychecks have been hurting. I'm no lover of money, but I understand its practical need. I'm beginning to realize just how much financial pressure I'm under right now. I also look at the economy and how it's hurting right now and I wonder if I should just be content that I have a job during this time. But I'm ready for change. I'm ready to leave this job behind and pursue something else.

School always has a way of avalanching on you. You sleep in on accident one time and everything is on top of you. I don't plan to be going to Chaffey much longer, at least if I have anything to say about it. I just have to endure for a little while longer.

I also have a pretty hefty payment left for SWAT New York. I was blessed by my Grandma who gave me the money to pay 90% of the trip off, but I needed money to live off at the time. I didn't go on any spending sprees but I didn't make all of the best financial decisions you could make. I knew I was going to have to supplement the payment, but I should have been a little more careful about it, so now I'm hurting a bit. But thats okay, because I need to learn these things. I just pray that the Lord will show mercy to me.

The best part of the plate is this part. I think I have some sort of direction I want to take, one that the Lord has made fairly evident and has confirmed it at least once. Bible College. I haven't really told anyone about it, but have been seeking the Lord and seeking Godly counsel as well. I also have an appointment at Chaffey with a counselor to discuss options to transfer to a Bible College or seminary tommorow afternoon. I am also thinking of using the resources available at CBU, although not sure if I have to be a student or not. Not sure exactly what I'll do with what I'll get out of a Bible college, but the Lord has a funny way of showing us just one part of the plan at a time.


K.C. said...

At first, I was like...hmmmm davey is at Anchos again...lol. Sounds like you are thinking about a lot. I have a lot of thinking to do as well. I have been thinking a lot about after I get a B.A. in English from CBU, maybe get a Masters in Theology or Biblical Studies. That would be cool. It would be something that I would probably take one class at a time while working instead of being a full time student. I don't know where I would go: CCBC or seminary. Definitely not CBU, way to expensive.

We have to trust His promises:

Proverbs 3:5-6.

Lets talk in person sometime! I am free this weekend.

DavidakaCyborg said...

Amen, that's my life verse! Let's talk