Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Spring 2009 is Looming

So I realized that I received a my spring catalog a while back and realized I probably needed to register before all the spots were gone. So I did.

I got all the classes I need too! So I'm taking

  1. Philosophy 81 - Intro to Eastern Philosophy
  2. Math 410 - Intro to Algebra (D:)
  3. Comstd 4 - Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
  4. CIS 68 (Online) - Using the Internet
  5. PeAct 31a - Self-Defense/Personal Saftey

The Eastern Philosophy will complete my AA in Philosophy: Religious Studies and Math will complete my General Ed. The Comstd and CIS 4 are courses im retaking because I either forgot to drop the class or I dropped the class lol. The Self defense class is .50 units and without it I have 11.5 units which is .5 short of the 12 full time units. So I figured that would be fun, but its Saturday morning instead of the other Tues/Thurs classes.

I like registering for classes way more than taking them, lol.


Liz! said...

hahahahahahahaha! is that online class CALLED "using the internet?!" cuz if it is, that is the funniest thing in the world! and if it isn't, i just laughed really hard for nothing...

David D. said...

Yeah I plan to ace it.

Since I'm pretty good at the internet

Liz! said...

hahaha! so that IS what's it's called?

yeah, definite easy A.

RJ McCauley said...

Have fun this winter break, because this spring, your fully loaded again! If you think about it, in a few months "Spring 2009" will be "Loomed." lol. We need to go have a game night bro!