Saturday, August 30, 2014

How a Young Kid May Have Inspired the "Star Wars Lego" Franchise

This is not me. Not at all.
It was back in the 90's. I was a young kid who enjoyed the simpler things the 90's had to offer. I loved computer games, playing outside, riding my bike or rollerblading, building Legos, watching tv and movies and all things Star Wars.

Everything seemed simpler back then. Star Wars was only 1 trilogy, Nickelodeon was still airing amazing shows and Lego sets consisted of Pirates, Underwater Divers (Aquasharks are the best!), Cowboys and other generic sets. I loved my Lego sets, I would sit in my room and build and build and build. I eventually started to make cheesy stop animation movies and was even subscribed to the Official Lego Magazine which I looked forward to often.

One day I got this bright idea out of nowhere. I loved watching Star Wars. I had Star Wars books about characters, vehicles, encyclopedias filled with Star Wars knowledge. I loved Legos and I loved building with them and playing with them and making awesome things with them. Wait a minute - What if they made Star Wars Legos?

There was nothing like it at the time. Lego did not make sets based off of anyone else's intellectual property. It was one of the best ideas I've ever had as a kid. I remember being so excited about the idea that I told my mom right away. My mom, being the great mom that she is, suggested that I write a letter to the Lego company and give them my suggestion. I don't remember how well I was able to write back then but I do know I did not have a clue on how to properly write and address a letter.

My mom helped me write the letter, addressed and stamped the envelope and we sent it off. Then time passed and I forgot about the letter. Until one day, I received a reply.

It was a real reply! Someone actually read my letter at the Lego company and they sent a reply! I remember very clearly standing in the living room reading the letter myself as my mother read it aloud. It was a fairly generic reply of a letter but in that letter they stated that they appreciated (liked?) my suggestion and thanked me for it. Wow! I was so excited! And that was that. It was the only letter I wrote and the only reply I received. After that I thought nothing of it.

One of the first Star Wars Lego Sets
Until a few years after forgetting about this whole exchange I saw it on the shelf. On the shelf of a toy store was a real Star Wars Lego toy, several of then! I could not believe it, my jaw dropped. I chuckled and thought to myself, "They did it. They made Star Wars Legos." My childhood dream came true and it was staring at me from the shelf. Needless to say I bought (or someone bought for me) some of these first runs of Star Wars Legos.

Since then I've always quietly enjoyed the part I may have played in bringing this idea to Lego. Interestingly, I have read online that not only was this a very controversial move for Lego, making Star Wars Legos, and brought Lego out of a potential disastrous financial situation.

I'm not seeking money or fame, I don't even know for sure if I played any kind of integral part in the whole process of making Star Wars Legos but I like to think I did. Heck, I don't even know if we still have that letter anymore. If nobody believes me that's ok. I like to think that an excited young me sent an idea off to a company I loved and that idea saved the company and brought joy to so many other children like myself.

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