Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is Love?

I really, really like the Christian Club we have on campus @ Chaffey. I've written about it in the past semester when I was more active (and able to attend meetings) and how the aim of the club was to increase our knowledge in the Lord and also Evangelize the campus.

During Halloween the club came together and built a giant coffin, filled it with worms and wrote on it "What happens when you die?" and plopped it in the middle of the Quad. There were large blank areas on the coffin where you could write what you believe; Reincarnation, Nothing, Heaven/Hell, etc.

This holiday we are asking the question, "What is Love?" The club created a giant white display with a heart behind it asking the above question. As you can see in the first picture students get to write what they think love is. Throughout the day Christians are posted up there in the Quad with the setup and use the giant prop as a tool to evangelize to various students that come and write their opinions about.

I had classes during the busiest part of the event, but I did get to spend some downtime in the Quad writing my own response (below, which oddly noone wrote) and dialoging with some other students about love and Christianity. It was a blessing today, and I'm looking forward to more opportunities throughout the week.

Love Never Fails. :)


K.C. said...

that is stinkin sick! That is a great idea for high school Christian clubs.

Kare said...

aww man! I wish I would've written something down :( I was distracted by that guy playing Usher. haha

Jacob said...

Dangit, now you got that song stuck in my head... "What is love? Baby don't hurt me..." haha

That is really cool though

karenmarie23 said...

I signed that today! :D