Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zealous for their King!

This morning was an early, early morning. I'm quite excited that I have something to write about. My weeks and months have tended to be more on the boring, unordinary side lately. Today was different, however and I was blessed by it.

Two of my discipleship boys, Dalton and Josh go to Martin Luther King High School in Woodcrest. Through some turn of events they eventually started their own bible study in the morning before school started. I know, crazy huh? Even better, the Lord has blessed it and there are about 10-15 faithful attendees and Josh/Dalton trade off leading the study.

Well, being their discipleship leader I took it upon myself to invite myself to their study as a guest speaker the night before. Thats what happened this morning. Early this morning. Like wake up at 6 am early.

Anyways, I journeyed all the way out to Woodcrest in Riverside from Fontana. I met my boys in the parking lot and we jumped in a class room which was full of about 12 kids and I exhorted them on Jesus' sermon on the mount in Matthew 5:13-16. Somehow, again, the Lord used me and the kids were blessed and encouraged. Josh texted me and informed me that the kids were indeed blessed and they wanted me to come out again soon. So, Lord willing, I will!

Then I went to Del Taco and had a bomb breakfast with strawberry lemonade with real strawberries!

But I'm excited to come back and encourage these kids again. I'm so stoked on what's going on over there already! Yes Lord, YES!!

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