Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you know God's Will?

Maybe you've heard some of these teachings in your local church or from a friend lately. Do you know what God's Will is?

Take this TRUE or FALSE test to find out:

1. God has a specific plan for your life which you are to discover and follow.
2. God's will can be divided into two categories: God's perfect will and God's permissive will.
3. Little hunches or prompting that I feel are God's way of guiding me into His will.
4. A key factor in making godly decisions that honor the Lord is, "Do I have peace about it?"
5. It is wrong to use a fleece (little test) in determining God's will.
6. When faced with two good alternatives, I must be careful not to make the wrong decision.
7. Some people are called to full time ministry, others are not. Some people are called to vocational ministry, others are not.

Don't peek at the answers until you are done!

Answer Key:
1. False
2. False
3. False
4. False
5. False
6. False
7. False

If you answered true to any of these questions like I did the first time I took the "quiz," I want to recommend that you listen to James MacDonald's series from Walk in the Word called, "The Way of Wisdom."

It's a 4-part series of messages that has clarified what the Bible means when it talks about God's will. I'd like to type it all out for you but it would probably be better if you heard them for yourselves.

Part 1 - Does God Have a Will for Me?
Part 2 - God's Will For Me
Part 3 - The Way of Wisdom
Part 4 - Decision Time

I hope this blesses you!


Erica-Rose said...

I accidentally stumbled across your blog. Glad I read this entry. Thanks for sharing!

Me. said...

I also stumbled across your blog. I enjoyed this entry a lot. Thanks you for sharing your love of God with us!

Nate Sallee said...

"Next blog" works out every once in awhile. Interesting thoughts, I'm in seminary now and have struggled with these questions at times for sure.