Monday, February 07, 2011

Future Prospects

I'm weird. I spend a lot of my free time talking and debating with other people about issues regarding philosophy and Christianity. It's different than witnessing to someone on the street; some of these people ask really hard questions. Then again, some people ask really stupid questions. Then again, some people ask really hard questions.

Here are some examples of questions that people are asking:
  • Why does God require people to have faith in his existence?
  • Why is it that Christians can willfully ignore Christ's commandment concerning adultery?
  •  Do you believe the story of Noah to be literal? Why?
  •  Why did you choose Christianity? Did you consider Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Shinto, any others, or none?
  • How is it decided which rules in the Bible can be broken without it being a sin [like homosexuality], and which rules must be followed in order to get into Heaven?
  • If the Bible is the word of God and the Bible tells women they need to be quiet in church, what justification is there for women like Joyce Meyer to not only speak in church, but to teach with authority?
  • Plus various questions about fee will, salvation, existence of heaven/hell and other questions.

Theres a lot of them and they ask the same hard questions over and over, in detail. So while I like answering people's objections to Christianity, I don't like repeating myself over and over and over and over and over. Maybe I'm just too lazy. In any event, I want to have a place where I can answer some of these hard questions and be able to copy/paste my answers.

Instead of hiding these questions/answers I figured it would be beneifical if I posted them in a public place. Hence this post. I think I am going to devote some of this spare time to building my own FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions so I can write responses, revise responses and build better arguments.

Stay tuned! I hope to develop it here on this blog.


Jacob said...

Sweet! You know what's funny is, just today (before I knew that you posted this) I started a not on iPhone that I'm going to keep track of questions that I don't have great answers to. Random... haha. I'll have to show you the question I wrote down...

JLTan said...

I think it is good. Everybody is "weird" in their own way, but God uses this. Your free time spent debating issues with people can be time well spent for God's Kingdom.

May God bless you in your endevours.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your answers..

Angel said...

Just happened upon your blog. Great job. Few good resources, Biblically sound, very timely in what's in the news today, and relates to your topic. Bless you!