Saturday, November 08, 2008

From Chaos to Order

It's been said numerous time that Chaos cannot turn into Order. That's false. Let me explain.

Friday night witnessing started out like any other Friday night. On a side note, yesterday was Billy Graham's 90th birthday - I thought going witnessing was a cool way of celebrating it. Anyways, nothing unusual was happening up to this point. Actually I will mention that group selection was kind of weird I noticed. I had Josh and Brennten in my group; just thought that was odd. But the night continues...

The groups felt weird to me, then we left for the Plaza off of Central ave. Most of the car groups had arrived when that pesky little truck with the lights on top drove by our congregation and of course; stopped. Kenny was talking with the security guy and I noticed he was talking for way too long. I knew this wasn't good. Long conversation short, we got the boot so we decided to roll over to Tyler to salvage the rest of the night.

Earlier, everyone had been arriving late because of supposed traffic on the 215 and 91. So with that considered we jump on the 91 fwy and blast towards Tyler avenue to hit up the Galleria. Everything's going good so far, my car was jammin to some Ambassador when we pass Van Buren ave and hit dead traffic. Noooooooooo! So this is like 7-10mph traffic. I'm bummed at this point. First we get kicked out, now a grip of traffic. I figured we're all going to be sitting in the Barnes and Noble parking lot waiting for everyone to show up. So we continue creeping along forever and to my just to see a car smash his brakes and get rear ended! My jaw dropped and everyone in my car exclaimed at what just happened. So we mergy merged and found ourselves in the parking lot waiting.

So my group members were actually there fairly quickly so we grouped up and prayed. As a side note, we did get the Day7 fliers to each other before we left Harvest so that worked out. So after we prayed we wander inside, the girls and Brentenn had to use the restroom. Then we walked up the stairs and towards the other end of the mall. We get upstairs and noone has gotten in conversation yet. Personally, I was feeling kind of exasperated. Then Brentenn calls me out and said what I was thinking and told me to lead my flock! I smiled and said, "Okay!" Right then, on the top floor near JC Penny, these two guys were about to cross our path so me and Brentoni hit em up.

Turns out that one of them is the son of a missionary of Cambodia. That same guy, his name is Travis, his dad is the pastor of a church.. in his house! They have a small church that meets and they study the Bible together. I asked his friend where he goes to church he pointed to his friend and said, "his house." I laughed, I thought that was so cool. So I keep probing these kids to see where they're at with the Lord by asking different questions. I had discerned from the beginning that these guys were Christians. I could see it in their eyes. Discernment is one of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with; I can look into someone's eyes and I can recognize if they have the Holy Spirit or not. So at this point in the conversation I just started to encourage them. These guys were solid Christians too, it is such a blessing to run into those kinds every once and while. I encouraged them to find out specifically where God is calling them. This is something I've been agonizing over, so I had a lot of insight to give them based on some of the things that I've read. So I prayed with them, told them I'd see them in Heaven again and we could catch up on all the work that we've done for the Lord then. So they walked away with joy on their faces and in their hearts into JC Penny.

Afterwords, Brentoni and I were basking in the conversation we had. It was such a refreshing conversation. But consider this, after all of the crazy things that happened: the time to set up groups/cars, the time to drive to the plaza, the time spent talking to that security guard, the time driving on the 91, the time sitting in traffic on the 91, the time grouping up all the way until the time we spent walking upstairs - we met these guys and talked to them about Jesus. That's so cool!! All of a sudden everything we labored through earlier made sense.

The only way Chaos can be turned into Order, is through an intelligence. Only God can turn our Chaos into Order. Amen.

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that's so cool! praise God!