Friday, January 09, 2009

Semester Fenal

Yes it is the final semester for me. At Chaffey at least.

This semester is going to be a doozy! Me and Liz already talked very briefly about how wack this next semester is going to be. One thing is different already is that I'm taking Tuesday/Thursday classes instead of my normal Monday/Wednesday classes. I have a full load of classes which include:

Elementary Algebra - 410
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Intro to Eastern Philosophy
Self-Defense/Personal Safety (.5 Units)
Using the Internet

So this semester I will really need to lock down and focus. Ministry might suffer a bit now, but that's so it can flourish in the future. Also, my Philosophy teacher is requiring that we get 5 books. 5!!! He also recommended 5 others. That class is going to be intense.

Also Thursday nights my Eastern Philosophy class @ Chaffey Rancho ends at 7pm which is a problem because I have to be in Orangecrest at 7pm to make it to this Greek class that Dr. Burdett is providing us for basically free. Our first class was last night, I might post another blog detailing how hard my brain hurts.


Anonymous said...

Your learning Greek from Dave Burdett? He was one of my FAVORITE teachers in high school! :D

K.C. said...

Thank you for this: "Ministry might suffer a bit now, but that's so it can flourish in the future."

Although it wasn't intended to be encouraging, this was very refreshing to me. I have really been struggling with this as school can be consuming, or at least the thought of it. We are building a foundation!

David D. said...

Amen KC, the Lord gave me that tidbit as I was thinking of all these things.

Haha Bethany I didn't know you went to Woodcrest! He is such a cool guy from what I can tell so far!